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Bahzad Sulaiman 2021 (2)

Physical Quarantine

Journeys Festival International 2020 in Leicester, UK.
Video performance

The video performance explores the body through its isolation in narrow contiguous spaces, all within a large area. That is, it enhances the concept of space within the space and how the body deals with objects within this isolated space, which prevents freedom of movement within those spaces isolated from each other.
The performance video search in levels of freedom of movement, its connection to space, and its relationship to object. It is thus an attempt to transform acoustic spaces into visible ones through the speed of sound and the resulting dynamic movement.

Video performance by : Bahzad Sulaiman
Vocal performance : Viktoria Nikolova , Andrew Hopper
Music Composer : Christopher Collings
Video Editing : Kadir Akgül

This project was funded by LIBERTY Creative Europe Programme 2020, Manchester, UK.

©Bahzad Sulaiman
©Bahzad Sulaiman
©Bahzad Sulaiman
©Bahzad Sulaiman
©Bahzad Sulaiman