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Bahzad Sulaiman ©Wail Al Sukkari

Look up to this move

Journeys Festival International, UK 2021.
©Wail Al Sukkari

Look up to this move are videos , marking a step to reinterpret and contemplate traditional forms of greeting as a performative phenomenon. Greetings affect us on a physical, psychological, and social level; and symbolically change from one culture to another. The concept of the work invites the viewer to consider the psychological care required now concerning the mental health crisis facing our communities. There is an urgent need to address en masse the feelings we have experienced, and to acknowledge the psychological pain, social discomfort, and emotional precariousness that we have lived though, in times of pandemic.

Look up to this move
Performace by Bahzad sulaiman

Bahzad Sulaiman
Maxim Lipnitski
Music Composer: Robert Reid Allan
Video editing: Kadir Akgül

The project was a commission by Journeys Festival International and developed within a look-up art residency.

Bahzad Sulaiman ©Wail Al Sukkari (1)
Bahzad Sulaiman ©Wail Al Sukkari (3)
Bahzad Sulaiman ©Wail Al Sukkari (4)